Senior Pet Care

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As your beloved pet ages, their needs and health considerations change. At Clinton Animal Hospital, we understand the unique requirements of senior pets and are dedicated to ensuring they enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life in their golden years.

Senior pets, typically considered as those aged seven years and older, may experience a range of age-related health issues. Our senior pet care services are designed to address these concerns and provide comprehensive support for your aging companion.

Key aspects of senior pet care include regular health check-ups, specialized diagnostics, and tailored treatment plans. We focus on managing chronic conditions, maintaining a healthy weight, and promoting joint health and mobility. Our experienced team can also offer guidance on dietary adjustments and exercise routines that are suitable for senior pets.

Our commitment is to help your senior pet age gracefully and enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Whether you have a senior dog or cat, our compassionate and experienced professionals at Clinton Animal Hospital are here to provide the specialized care and attention your older pet needs to thrive.

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