Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

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The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) is a respected organization dedicated to the improvement of animal health, specifically focusing on orthopedic issues in dogs. OFA’s primary mission is to promote and facilitate the prevention and treatment of orthopedic diseases and conditions in dogs through various means, including genetic testing, research, and public education.

OFA is widely known for its role in evaluating and certifying the hip and elbow health of dogs through radiographic imaging and genetic testing. The organization’s certification process provides breeders, dog owners, and veterinarians with valuable information about a dog’s orthopedic health, particularly in terms of hip and elbow dysplasia. This information is essential for responsible breeding practices and making informed decisions about the care and well-being of individual dogs.

OFA also plays a significant role in supporting research related to orthopedic issues in dogs, contributing to the advancement of veterinary science and the development of effective prevention and treatment strategies. Additionally, OFA offers educational resources to inform the public about orthopedic conditions and the importance of responsible breeding practices for the long-term health and welfare of dogs.

At Clinton Animal Hospital, our Veterinarians have many years of experience performing radiographic studies for OFA submission.  Our most common patients are Labrador Retrievers used for field trial and hunt test competitions, as well as other pure bred dogs that are used for breeding.

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