The heart of Clinton Animal Hospital is our surgical suite, where we offer state-of-the-art surgical equipment and tools to care for your pet. Before any surgery, our experienced veterinarians always recommend running blood work on your furry friend. Blood work can indicate issues that may not be seen by a simple physical exam, and it is essential to know that anesthesia can be administered to your pet as safely as possible. During the pre-operative procedure, it is mandatory that pain medication is provided to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during surgery. Remember, if it would hurt us as people, it will cause pain in pets as well. Before and after the procedure, your pet’s vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels are monitored continuously by the attending veterinarian. At the conclusion of the treatment, your pet will be kept warm and will continue to be monitored as they recover from the anesthesia. Clinton Animal Hospital offers numerous types of surgeries on site including:

  • Sterilization (spay or neuter)
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Foreign object removal
  • Dental surgery
  • Mass removal
  • Trauma/wound repair

The veterinarians at Clinton Animal Hospital conduct many other procedures as well; in the event, you don’t see the surgical service you feel your pet may need, please contact us for a consultation.

When your pet is ready to go home, we will review with you postoperative care and medication instructions. If any questions arise after your pet returns home or at any other time during the postoperative period, please do not hesitate to call us. We welcome your questions and will do all we can to help your pet recover fully.

Our caring doctors have successfully performed countless procedures on local pets, and they will bring that same level of care to your pet. Our veterinary center serves the veterinary surgical needs of Clinton, St. Francisville, Zachary, Central and Denham Springs, and surrounding areas of Louisiana. Call Clinton Animal Hospital today for your pet’s surgical needs.