Did you know that there have been several recent cases of counterfeit veterinary products sold online? Also, are you aware that many products purchased from big-box retailers and internet pharmacies do not come with the manufacturer’s guarantee for safety and efficacy? Clinton Animal Hospital has a complete pharmacy here at our clinic, with all the medications your pet may need, ranging from antibiotics to flea and heartworm preventatives. We purchase the products we carry directly from the manufacturer, so the products available in our pharmacy are not only warranted to be authentic, but also safe and reliable.

At Clinton Animal Hospital, we routinely compare the pricing of the products we carry versus numerous online retailers, and often your cost will be the same or even less. Another advantage to purchasing products from our pharmacy is that you can begin treatment right away without having to wait for a delivery from an online pharmacy or travel across town to a retail chain. These advantages, coupled with the authenticity, safety, and reliability guarantees make our pharmacy the right choice for your precious pet!

Each of our medications has been hand selected by our doctors based on the safety and efficacy of the product. Contact the caring professionals at Clinton Animal Hospital when you are ready to purchase medication for your furry family member in the Clinton, Ethel, Slaughter, and Zachary areas.