In-Clinic Diagnostics

Clinton Animal Hospital offers the most advanced technology available in veterinary medicine, which includes a cutting edge bloodwork laboratory here at our clinic. Diagnostics are especially important for veterinarians, as our animal companions cannot verbally communicate how they feel. Our laboratory can return bloodwork results in minutes, meaning your precious pet can receive treatment right away if necessary.

Organ Function Testing

The blood chemistry analyzer at Clinton Animal Hospital quickly and accurately determines the functionality of the liver, kidneys, and pancreas, as well as electrolyte levels, and individual blood values such as glucose, cholesterol, and thyroid values. These laboratory results give our compassionate veterinarians valuable information that could not be determined through a physical exam alone.

Complete Blood Counts (CBCs)

Clinton Animal Hospital can also determine the levels of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets with our advanced CBC analyzer. While red and white blood cell counts can have many indications, some of the more common include infection, anemia, blood loss, dehydration, inflammation, stress, parasitic disease, and allergy. Platelet values indicate the blood’s ability to clot in the pet.


A small urine sample from a pet can tell our experienced veterinarians a great deal of information regarding the health of their kidneys. A urinalysis at Clinton Animal Hospital can indicate liver and kidney disease, as well as inflammation and infection of the urinary tract.

Clinton Animal Hospital serves the veterinary care needs of pets throughout the Clinton, Zachary, St. Francisville, and Denham Springs areas. Our compassionate veterinarians and staff want to be the caregivers for the life of your precious pet, so please contact one of our team members to schedule an appointment today!