Do you dread bath time for your dog? Leave the bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trims to the caring professionals at Clinton Animal Hospital! Regular bathing does more than simply keep our pets smelling their best; it also helps them feel better when dirt, debris, and dead skin has been washed away. Medicated bathing for pets with allergies or skin conditions is also available at our hospital.

Regular ear cleanings can improve conditions caused by chronic yeast or bacterial infections. Ear cleanings can also reduce wax buildup, which can block airflow and lead to infection of the ear canal.

Finally, pets and pet owners benefit from nail trims! Dogs with long nails often face pain when they walk and can harm their skin when they scratch without regular trimming. Pet owners also benefit from nail trims without having sharp nails to tear clothes when greeted by their dog, as well as helping to prevent damage to carpet and furniture.

Keep your pet feeling and looking their best with bathing, ear cleans, and nail trims at Clinton Animal Hospital. Please call one of our caring team members today to schedule an appointment for your constant companion.